Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.

The Game Day 5:

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
Yesterday i was going to the GayClub but it didn't happen. And Ianto of course has hurt me a lot again, so i didn't do much. Marina, is nice and interesting.


The Game Day 3:

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
The head aches today and no energy to do anything. I am installing Mass Effect and force myself to wash dishes i don't even talk about Java sсript and site. Yesterday i got very upset, one of my planned persons revealed as just a pervert. And due this cold weather it seems i have caught a cold.


The Game Day 2:

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
Oh yee, like following the timesheet would help. Today i spent all day trying to find people who will change my radiators at last. Till 13. And finished one Java sсript lesson no more time for anything.


The Game Day 1:

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
I didn't follow the time sheet, cause it's the first day. But therefore i did:
Less unquotable speech
Nothing much. Ianto wrote, tomorrow will be better.


Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
theGame: goals. Was impudently copypasted from [Лондон]
Therefore 10 realy reachable goals for 90 days. It will be since 23.09 till с 11.06 till 21.12. 2014.
1. Do science Output preferably in this order
An abstract in jurisprudence
Produsing practice 5 course
Produsing practice 6 course
Labs on programming technology
Proofs are photos of documents where according records are done.
2. Sports
A 15 days kefir diet not so much so i will weigh 45 kilo.
Do gym 2 times a week. Goal be able to lift my bike straight. proof is video of me doing this 0_0
3. Follow the timetable and discipline myselfproof is to leave reports every day.
4. Finish the institute and find a job; By the end of the game i should have a job i would like or a resume that will be attractive to find it fast. proof a resume or a photo of a workplace
5. Work. I will not have much time to work now, but my goal in this paragraph is different i shall at last sell the damn car! proof is a photo of an empty garage.
do the damn site to put it in the resume.
6. Leading expenses I shall manage it in an excel file. Proof is that file.
7. Find more friends and may be a girlfriend Wright to more than 2 people every day. Proof is a photo with new friends or/and a girl. Ye and this will be written in my paper diary daily)
8. 16+ as i like to imagine to myself that my life is a film i will reach 3 more goals.
Less unquotable speech. Proof my fair word
The show time rise an hour;) it means i will go to sleep mostly at 23 if no external circumstances are involved.
9. Give away or get reed of all the garbage i have in my apartment. It includes wonderful plastic pine tree a lot of steel may be used in future, screws and gears.
10. Though i already do English every day and learn new words and going to read a book. I give myself 2 more goals.
Buy an electronic book to improve the reading process.
Get reed of hard relationship with one friend from wales. ...Done :sunny:


I want to leave this here, may be one wonderfull person will see it.

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.


Welcome to Night Vale

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
The sun is shining at us as it was blinded, blind vegetation aims it's leaves to the Sun that overrides. And all we can be grateful for is a result of this indifferent, blind, loveless existence. Welcome to Night Vale!

Dear listeners today our Mayor announced... Wait, what is it? Carlos? What are you doing in my studio?
Oh dear listeners, he says it meant to be a surprise. Oh What-what are you doing? I am on air!
He comes from behind and softly hugs me with one hand. Please stop, i am on a working place. And i wasn't getting ready for this. Ouuhhh what an outstandingly warm feeling, when he gently fondles my stomach still cuddling me. It must be stopped at once but what can I do, how can i push away my perfect Carlos.

Intern Dana just entered, she said that our watching figures just rose and we can continue. Night Vale listeners ... please take your children out of your radios due the situation listeners discretion is advised.

Carlos laid me on the table thrown some of my papers of it now i lay on my back ans he is pulling my pants out of me. Oh i can not resist his confident but tender movements. Now he slowly takes off my underwear and a second later he already teases my nipples. Aaaahh that's great and i almost feel like a porn star doing it on air with all of you listening. He rubs a head of my penis and it becomes bigger and harder. I am so happy and in cove that i can come at once but Carlos seems not to want it he grips my balls not painfully but it diverted me so i can handle myself now.

You know, i haven't got a boyfriend for a while so it can be a little painful. But Carlos is a real scientist he has a lubricant with him. He lubes first his finger and then slowly dips his finger in a place that all of you know so i would not tell you. I am still worried because if we do it here the studio and our clothes will be ruined and we will have to go home in gooey and damp clothes. The condition that i am still trying to broadcast here distracts him but i am on my work after all and no one warned me about the surprise anyway so i could prerecord something to transmit it while being bonked. Carlos enters me with his big and perfect cock it's a color of caramel but is too big i think.

Ouchhh it is en-no, don't stop just let me get used to it! Feeling him inside is so hot and wonderful it really is perfect. Carlos stopped for a minute to let me confirm with that really outstanding feeling. It was a bit painful at first but now it is just a dream of one and a half years came true. My beloved begins to move increasing amplitude and frequency of frictions such scientific words i want to use when he is inside. Yes? dear listeners that is perfect.

Suddenly he stops looking startled and confused, he shows somewhere behind my back. Ou, it's nothing just i feel so good so i can not control my mystic energy and it breaks out forming dark violet tentacles. Just be calm, i will do no harm to you i enfold his neck with my left hand and there are those wonderful hair of his. I also pet his chest with my right hand and ouhh that pushes inside me! My tentacles can also feel him they touch that hair on his tommy and muscles of his ass that strain intact with the pushes. Some sweat begins to cover his body and the savory smell of sex fills the studio.

I am so close to come and Carlos sees it but i guess he wants us to do it at once. I lean in passion and he tears my last pleasant shirt and bites my nipple. He puts his hand on my cock and fondles it. His frictions turn desperate almost violent and i cant help coming. My hot sperm spatters on my chest and face i can feel Carlos's sperm is in me too. And i will not let it out. He moisters his thumb in puddles of my sperm and lets me taste it...

And now, dear listeners. THEWEATHER!


Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
The previous flashmobe didn't do the exams break it and i have no intention to continue. Let it be.


And the new flashmobe.

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
There will be 10 untied words everyday and i'll wright short stories with them. For 30

The sandstorm:
A nearby gale was already rumbling and growing tension didn't let him go. In this vast wasteland that is devoid of any water or vegetation is absolutely no shelter to save the motorcycle from stinging stones, that are put up by the wind and stiffling sand dust will ruin the air filter and even if he survives this, the way home will be a ralling and trambling punishment. Why didn't he stay at home today doing his chores or equations for tomorrow lessons.


Day 30: Your reflection in the mirror

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
I see a nice boy there, he tries to be honest and reliable. He looks sportive and has great white and even teeth and an expensive haircut. But in his eyes you can see fear he saw so much that his memory began to let him down just not to remember all this horrors anymore.
He tries to look confident but he didn't got used to his present position. He still is a slave somewhere there, deep inside. And somewhere even deeper he is a girl who wants just to be cute and protected. Though a boy wants the same but he knows he is to protect and not otherwise.

The flashmobe is over.


Day 29: The person that you want tell everything to, but are too afraid.

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
There is no such persons in my life. I always tell what i think. It bewilders people and sometimes comes out bad for me, but it's a part of my life. My friends know me as an opened and honest person, the people who think it's stupid or wrong to act like that don't become my friends and mostly think i'm crazy. I will let them. They do not worth it.
The only thing i can never tell to a person is a thing that will ruin his good feelings to someone and will not bring me gain. So i save this and try to forget. I can't make everyone happy but at least i can afford myself not to make them unhappier.


Day 28: Someone who changed your life

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
Once upon a time there lived a gear an experimental creature full of nanites he was hard to hurt and could survive falling from a bike under the truck. But he was emotionally broken. He loved once and was strongly punished for it. He became a monk but it didn't help him to cure the wound in his heart. He was forced to marry an inappropriate person and lived almost 8 years in a neverending nightmare.
But once i was training with my scythe and wathing an anime about two space pirates. One of them was very alike me and at the end of the film he died alone in a cold silence of space saving his only love. And after it she didn't even come to his grave to remember him. I was so upset that i cut my leg. A lot of blood there was. And after it i was thinking about it for a month it was like living through my own death. With a full realization that no one will come to me afterwards. It changed me. I didn't want to die like Harry McDougall but i am grateful to him for my change.


Day 27: The friendliest person you know

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
When my new life began i met new great people it were WHOvians all of them are very friendly and nice. Some are shy and some are sly but they are all very friendly. I can't even choose who is the friendliest because they all are wonderful, not friends but fun mates.
And it's a big loss for me that i can't differ most of them because they have young cute faces without any abnormity and long hair that always change their color. But my beloved partner helps me with it. Also i don't have such a good memory to remember all the names and nicknames but i am exercising it.


Day 26: The last person you made a promise to

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
The last person i made a promise to was my groupmate we divided our tasks in institute so he does a coursework and i do the lab works on artificial intellect. The problem is his lab works don't wont to work so i will be doing them much longer then my own.
Anyway it's a good case to reveal myself as a honest and helpful friend it will be quite a new practice because due to my inurement i never used to help people just use them. With rare exception.


Day 25: The person you know who is going through the worst of times.

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
I wanted to tell about a weevil female who was boiling from inside but i helped her to recover. May be it was my mistake but my only love insisted on it. I gave her my good carma again so we almost changed places. But in my case everything is not so bad as it was in her. Soon will be ekadashi and i'll pass it.
Generally it was rather hard to wright this topic, because i don't like to mourn and let no one of my environment feel like that for a long time.


Day 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory.

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
I never had really good memories. New year was always a time for salads and guests who weren't my they were ever drunk and disgusting. I never could do a holiday fir myself and invite friends or something. So time passed and i began to hate holidays.
But this Christmas was special, i had someone who made it golden and fun, who made me do a Christmas tree and to give presents for my friends. The same person made me think it was magic. It was nothing special he just showed me the new life with warm scarfs presents and cosiness.
The best thing was he was near and i could think of him. At the NY he flied far away, first to ski somewhere then to China. But everything was still full of golden light and cosiness. This feeling doesn't leave me even now and i love it.
So most of all i am grateful to a person who made this all for me.
Then was my first real Valentine's day with kisses and hearts. I was wearing a beautiful dress and there was a gentleman with me. Thank you i love the memories you gave me. May be one day i will seat somewhere and remember this moments. Because i begin to collect memories i want to have them and not to delete as fast as it's possible.


Day 23: The last person you kissed.

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
It was my brother. He had a birthday yesterday. I baked him a hachipuri with beacon and kissed him in his forehead to wake up. Nothing vulgar just a family kiss. I was woken up by my cat today, at 8.30 and could not sleep because there was too much light through the window. But i made some tasty things so it was worth it.


Day 22: Someone who you want to give a second chance

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
It's almost everyone, i want to give the second chance to lots of my friends and people who didn't manage to become them. Everyone deserves a second chance. To do everything right, to fix all the mistakes.


Day 21: Someone you judged by their first impression

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
I'll wright about Grisha, the only man who's first impression was not wrong.
Mostly when i see a big and frightening man he turns out a pleasent and a gentle man.
But an impression of this boy didn't differ. He's the same i imagined he will be. I will try to get friends with him, it's hard because we'll have not to compete but to help each other. We have the same interests but he don't understand that our pray is in a different sphere. Wish you luck, college.

The road so far...