Jay Smith
Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас.
theGame: goals. Was impudently copypasted from [Лондон]
Therefore 10 realy reachable goals for 90 days. It will be since 23.09 till с 11.06 till 21.12. 2014.
1. Do science Output preferably in this order - success:snezh:
An abstract in jurisprudence
Produsing practice 5 course
Produsing practice 6 course
Labs on programming technology
Diploma partly
Proofs are photos of documents where according records are done.
2. Sports:deer1:
A 15 days kefir diet not so much so i will weigh 45 kilo. -didn't manage, though i don't look so fat
Do gym 2 times a week. Goal be able to lift my bike straight. proof is video of me doing this 0_0 Gym is being done, no bike lifting powers
3. Follow the timetable and discipline myself proof is to leave reports every day. -It's easyer to me to concentrate on one goal and manage it at once, than to do it part time i should consider it next time.:deer1:
4. Finish the institute and find a job; By the end of the game i should have a job i would like or a resume that will be attractive to find it fast. proof a resume or a photo of a workplace - done, no photo, will be a resume soon :snezh:
5. Work. I will not have much time to work now, but my goal in this paragraph is different i shall at last sell the damn car! proof is a photo of an empty garage.:deer1: crisis - assbutt :deer1:
do the damn site to put it in the resume.
6. Leading expenses I shall manage it in an excel file. Proof is that file. :deer1:
7. Find more friends and may be a girlfriend Wright to more than 2 people every day. Proof is a photo with new friends or/and a girl. Ye and this will be written in my paper diary daily) I found some friends, no girlfriend yet, but i'll contimue.
8. 16+ as i like to imagine to myself that my life is a film i will reach 3 more goals. -success :snezh:
Less unquotable speech. Proof my fair word
The show time rise an hour;) it means i will go to sleep mostly at 23 if no external circumstances are involved.
9. Give away or get reed of all the garbage i have in my apartment. It includes wonderful plastic pine tree a lot of steel may be used in future, screws and gears. - success :snezh:
10. Though i already do English every day and learn new words and going to read a book. I give myself 2 more goals. :sunny::snezh:
Buy an electronic book to improve the reading process. - done
Get reed of hard relationship with one friend from wales. ...Done

Goal is 5 of 10, though some of the goals are not to be reached in 3 months and some proved themselves not needed or imposibble while being compleated. Next time it will be better.